Global Fire Apostolic Network

Global Fire Apostolic Network (GFAN) is focused on networking and connecting spiritual leaders globally for alignment and accountability, visions and strategies in pursuit of transformation and reformation. As ministers and ministries strategically network together for visions and strategies, God's Kingdom will come.



Global Fire Apostolic Network (GFAN) has the belief that Ministers and Ministries strategically aligning and networking together for visions and strategies will be catapulted and propelled into fulfilling their assignment, mission, and purpose at a much faster pace with enlarged Territorial Dominance and Dominion. 



Many find they are strategically being pulled away from traditional and religious structures and have not been able to find where they fit in the Body of Christ. GFAN is here to assist you in making your calling and election sure, and will further provoke you to get in proper alignment for your Kingdom Assignment.


By joining GFAN, Ministers and Ministries are mutually aligned, edified, equipped, empowered to advance the Kingdom of God. We give alignment whereby Ministers and Ministries can flourish and fulfill the call of God on their lives with accountability and relationship with other Kingdom-minded Leaders with whom they may network, connect and offer support.




You are held accountable to walking worthy of your vocation, calling, mantle, mandate and assignment. We desire to see you birth your God-given vision and operate authentically with a spirit of excellence.




Your Gifts and Callings will be activated and affirmed through the Laying on of Hands in accordance to mandates given.  Leaders are encouraged to network and support other fellowships, networks and alliances. The building of these viable relationships will prove to be a great platform for dynamic Kingdom Kin-nections, Collaborations and Fellowships.  




We stir and mobilize you to fulfill your Calling and Destiny and provide an atmosphere of safety and security through Mentorship and Prayer.




We Empower, Equip and Mobilize ministers and ministries via Conferences, Gatherings, Retreats, Mentorship Calls and Higher Learning Courses/Classes. We place high emphasis on training leaders in their sphere of influence. 




Through alignment and impartation, we give you apostolic counsel, advice, and strategy to help define, refine, articulate, and implement your vision in order to have a greater impact.



As Ministers and Ministries strategically network together there is unity that activates a powerful corporate anointing, which when released causes individuals to fulfill God's purposes for advancing His Kingdom.